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Global Leaders Portfolio


Focused portfolio of leading global companies positioned to benefit from the unprecedented growth in worldwide consumer demand


Invests globally to benefit from the economic expansion of developing countries and the unprecedented growth in worldwide consumer demand
  • By 2025, global consumers are estimated to reach 4.2 billion people with purchasing power of $64 trillion — termed the “biggest growth opportunity in the history of capitalism” by McKinsey & Company1
  • Seeks to manage risks associated with investing directly in foreign markets, especially emerging markets, by investing in globally operating, developed market companies
Invests in “great” companies which are defined
  • High and sustainable returns on invested capital, intangible assets, strong management, and influential insider ownership
  • Stable and consistent returns, potentially compounding shareholder returns over the long term
Portfolio tactics that seek to maximize risk-adjusted return
  • High conviction portfolio with equal-weight positions in 25 stocks
  • Invests across styles and market capitalizations
  • Keep a long-term investment horizon to capture the power of economic compounding that great companies provide

(1) Winning The $30 Trillion Decathlon: Going for Gold in Emerging Markets, McKinsey & Company, August 2012.

Investment Process